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Peanut Butter & Jam Tart (oh and its vegan!)

Step 1

Blend the plain biscuits until fine crumbs. Then add the melted vegan butter and blend/ mix until combined – should have a sandlike texture – Transfer to prepared tart tin and pat down evenly using the flat bottom surface of a glass

Step 2

For the chocolate layer, blend the cookies until fine crumb then dd the melted butter. Blend until it reaches a paste consistency. Layer this ontop of the biscuit base, then top that with a layer of your raspberry jam

Step 3

Blend all the peanut butter mouse ingredients until fully combined and smooth. Dollop onto jam layer and spread evenly around tart, ensuring jam layer is covered.

Step 4

Set in the fridge for 24hrs or in the freezer for 1-2hrs Once set decorate with raspberries, pomegranate and chopped hazelnuts.

Slice and enjoy!

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