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Easy Chocolate Caramel Gluten Free Shortbread Bars

Step 1

Begin by creaming together the butter and sugar. And once fully combined add the gluten free flour and xanthan gum. Mix until all the flour has been fully coated in the butter and begins to clump together

Step 2

– Transfer to your prepared tin and evenly flatten the dough into the tin. Then bake for 25-30mins. [it should be slightly risen, golden brown around the edges and dry to the touch]

Step 3

As soon as the cookies are baked, slice them into bars. Then set aside to cool while you melt the vegan chocolate and prepare the vegan caramel. Swipe up for the caramel recipe

Step 4

– Once completely cooled drizzle the shortbread bars with vegan caramel and chocolate. Leave to set in the fridge or just ending in it as it is :)