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Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll Cookies 

Step 1

Start by creaming together the sugars, tahini and vegan butter for 5 mins with a stand mixer or electric whisk. It should begin to slightly thicken in it’s consistency. Then add the molasses and water and mix for a further 2 mins.

Step 2

- Once combined add the gluten free flour,  xanthan gum and chopped vegan chocolate, until combined – DON’T over mix. – Refrigerate the dough while you make the cinnamon roll filling.

Step 3

– Remove the cookie dough from the fridge and place it on a sheet of clingfilm. And cover with another sheet of clingfilm – to prevent the dough from tearing. – Remove the top layer of clingfilm and spread the cinnamon filling all across the dough.

Step 4

Roll into a log. Slice and place them on your baking tray. Spread out evenly. [I found 4 on each tray was best] – Bake for 15 mins. The cookies should be lightly golden with a firm exterior and soft in the center.

Step 5

Cream the butter and icing sugar together until it reaches a thick buttercream consistency then add your water little by little until it reaches a slightly runny, drizzle consistency.

Step 6

– Top the cookies with drizzle and enjoy with a glass of plant based milk. Swipe up for the full recipe :)